Rodrigo has a wide range of design experience, from nanoparticles to bioreactors to solar cars, as well as new design processes such as Biodesign, a systematic approach to needs findings implementation of effective inventions and development of new breakthrough biomedical technologies.

Rodrigo’s experience has led him to win a national technical competition for his design of a bioreactor to remove harmful chemicals from agricultural run-off water and he has also received recognitions at the international level. He received distinctions in South America for his promotion of innovation and technology development in Chile.

Rodrigo led the aerodynamics and material design team of the University of Minnesota’s solar vehicle project to their victory in the Formula Sun and American Solar Challenge during the 2002 and 2003 seasons.


Early in his career, Rodrigo worked in the aerospace and aircraft manufacturing industry.  His responsibilities included parts manufacturing and materials optimization for customers including the Chilean Air Force and the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer S.A. which manufactures commercial, military, and executive aircraft.

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