Intel Corporation

Rodrigo joined Intel Corporation in 2005 as a part of their elite rotational engineering program. The program recruits top college graduates and places them along side the industry’s leading technologists on high-level projects across the company.

Rodrigo lead engineering projects in the lithography area at the 90nm level in Fab11X in New Mexico, the largest High Volume Manufacturing semiconductor plant in the world at the time. He also lead manufacturing optimization projects across the microprocessor manufacturing process, including the lithography, etching, diffusion and thin films areas.

intel inside

Rodrigo was part of the Long Range Business Planning group at Intel’s headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. His projects included manufacturing efficiency across the corporation, technology diffusion analysis of markets that Intel could consider joining, and sourcing strategies.

He was also part of the benchmarking group responsible for Intel’s lean manufacturing improvements, direct and indirect industry benchmarking and supply chain optimization projects.

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