Nanomaterial Research

Nanotechnology is the science of matter at the molecular and atomic scale.  Rodrigo has an extensive experience and expertise in the design and manufacturing of nanomaterials of different nature and for different types of applications.  He specializes in using nanotechnology to improve and enhance the properties of materials for applications in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, surface coatings, development of smart materials, and improving yield and reactivity in chemical compounds and solutions.

This transmission electron microscopy image shows coated nanoparticles designed by Dr. Molina with a uniform diameter under 10 nm. nanoparticles3

Rodrigo’s research in the field of nanotechnology and cell interaction through confocal Raman microscopy, bacterial cell morphology, chemotaxis, and microbial viability studies  led to an international patent for a novel broad-spectrum antibiotic effective against such pathogens as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungus.

Rodrigo has also applied his nanomaterial expertise to the agrichemical industry through his company, Natura Nova.

If you would like to benefit from the marvels of nanotechnology and enhance your business please feel free to contact Rodrigo.


What we do

We transform complex ideas into compelling solutions.

We provide all you need to create invaluable product enhancements.

In addition to materials enhancement, this might include conducting supplementary research, writing supporting IP, and considering the combined impact of nanotechnology, design, science and concept.

Rodrigo and his team cover a broad range of topics, not limited to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry and the energy sector.  Whatever the subject matter, our work strives to represent the cutting edge in nanotechnology, not just products.  While empowering reactivity and material quality is a particular specialty, all of the work done by Rodrigo and his team is executed with passion and excellence.







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